The company conducts consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments 
  • Generator and Stack Emissions Measurements 
  • SHEQ Systems Implementation 
  • Research Process Selection and Analysis 
  • Environmental Management Systems 
  • Legal Compliance and SHEQ Auditing
  • Waste Management Services
  • SHEQ Training and Awareness 
  • Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training 
  • Environmental Management and Rehabilitation

Count Down to 2018

Prone cane wishes you a happy festive season

Banking Details

Name:Prone Cane Investments

Bank:FBC Bank

Brunch:Nelson Mandela

Sort Code: 8102

Account Number:6115192700112

About Prone Cane

The company was established in 2006. Its head office is located in Prospect – Waterfalls and a satelite office in Chitungwiza. Prone Cane has a team of experienced, accomplished industry professionals who understands first-hand and unique requirements of the enviro-technologies, operations, scale up and regulatory needs of companies

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